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Would be interesting to try this


@nllf13 Beginning middle & end.
Your story, on screen on campus, while the literary world watches.
Tweet it now!#twitfic13

Can you tell a story in just under 140 characters?

The idea of writing a story with a character restriction might seem daunting to many writers, but some will definitely rise to the challenge. With the rise of social media and the internet being a staple for everyday life, we invite you to participate in our very own twitter fiction or Twiction.

We will re-tweet every tweet-fiction using the hashtag (#twitfic13) and they will also be displayed at the Middlesex campus on twitter walls during the two days of the festival.

The rules are simple – keep it short and let your creativity flow. Put your thinking cap on, let your imagination run wild, and tweet it. We will be starting to tweet with the hashtag #twitfic13 next week.

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