Positive energy – The Home advantage

Use the home advantage in life

Take the positive energy of the home advantage with you in life

It seems fitting as England take on the Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine tonight that I should write about something I have been pondering for a while, the “Home Advantage” and its psychological effects.

There is no doubt that positive and negative forces within our lives affect our psyche and confidence; when a team or sportsperson loses form or the crowd get behind the team or boo the team, the combined energy or ‘vibe’ can be extremely powerful. You can feel the euphoria of winning or scoring a goal. You can also feel the wrath of the crowd or disappointment of under-performing. They are two powerful, yet contrasting emotions. Have you ever thought why this happens? How can it be that the combined excitement can cause a feeling of euphoria or that combined animosity can cause so much sadness and lack of self-esteem?

Positive and negative forces affect our lives all the time. How many times does life seem to kick you when you are already down? On the upside too, how many times do good things present themselves, like the proverbial London busses, in clusters of many? I have often been in the company of people whereby their presence seems to drain me by virtue of their negativity and other people I can’t wait to see again because of the positive energy that I seem to feed off in their presence.

We can control this if we think about it. Simply by recognising that this happens, we can help turn the tide of negativity when it hits and promote positive things in the face of adversity. We can also control the feeling that we give out to others too. This goes for social behaviour and in business too. We are always pulled towards the positive and naturally repel the negative. Everything in life follows this principal – it is not a psychological experience but one of physics.

It could be said that the same principle works for prayer – or even a magician’s tool. The collected positive prayers for a situation can help have a positive effect on the outcome. Faith will tell us that it is God answering our prayers – science will tell us it is a concentration of positive energy creating that ‘home advantage’. It is part of what naturally defines ‘good’ and ‘bad’ there is no direct blame that can be associated to the conscience of the sportsperson who is being affected by the audience’s (positive or negative) behaviour and yet their emotions will respond as if it does.

A magician uses the mind’s energy in the same way to form illusions. There can be little denial that positive and negative suggestion works within the complexities of our minds. Placebos have been recognised and documented over centuries and in medical use have even forced the body to repair itself. Little is known of why this happens but the concentration of positive energy, either by numbers or by pure faith, has a definite positive effect on the outcome of a situation.

There is much that we are yet to learn about how the mind works but we cannot deny the things that happen for what science can’t yet explain. So use it in life and trust in these unwritten laws of physics until we do. Take the home advantage with you in life – persue you dreams and ambitions, have faith in yourself and use that positive energy to enjoy life and the passion of those around you.


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